3 Inescapable Reasons You Must Have an Outside Reviewer for Your Grant Proposals

Why you must have an outside reviewer for your grant proposals

Why you must have an outside reviewer for your grant proposals

I’ve been working with a lot of aspiring grantwriters since August.  They have all turned in a draft Federal grant proposal which they thought were pretty good.

My job was to review each one, and as I did so, I noted a few common issues with the proposals–ones that grantwriters of ALL LEVELS make.

When we were all talking after they read the review, they were thankful, even the ones with LOTS of comments suggesting needed improvements.  As one person said–“How could I have missed that!”  Another said:  “It took a while, but now I realize we forgot that no one else knows our organization, so we need to write more about our skills and strengths.”  A third person mentioned “I didn’t know that!”

Contact me so that I can help you overcome these 3 inescapable reasons you MUST have an outside reviewer for your grant proposals. I hope I can assist you in getting FUNDED!

Dr. Richard Hoefer

Author of #1 bestseller on Amazon, Funded!  Successful Grantwriting for YOUR Nonprofit

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