Richard Hoefer

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Provides Excellence for Nonprofits

Dr. Richard Hoefer provides excellence for nonprofits in four areas:

Program Evaluation
Grantwriting Training
Nonprofit Management Capacity-Building
Advocacy for Social Justice

You know how FRUSTRATING it can be to get a large federal or state grant but not know a program evaluator you can trust to work on the project?

I solve that.

I've worked for 20+ years with nonprofits of all sizes. My evaluations meet grant requirements and lead to continuation funding. Once I start, I stick with the project.


You know how IMPOSSIBLE it feels and EXPENSIVE it is to learn how to write grants to keep your nonprofit alive, or to get much-needed funds for your school or other institution?

I solve that.

As a grant writer since the 1980s and a graduate-level professor for 25 years, my students, collaborators and my self have received tens of millions of dollars in grants from federal, state, and local governments and foundations. I can train you in what it takes to get grants even in this current period of reduced government funding.


You know how CHALLENGING it is to find well-trained and capable nonprofit managers, directors and CEOs?
specializes in assisting human services nonprofits achieve higher levels of excellence.  His passion is helping nonprofits succeed in providing high quality services to our communities.

You know how INJUSTICE ruins lives and communities but don't know how to change "the system"?

I solve that.

Through trainings based on my best-selling book, Advocacy Practice for Social Justice, I teach ordinary people how to plan and implement successful social justice efforts that make individuals, communities and the nation better.

Dr. Hoefer has over 25 years of experience working in and with nonprofit organizations, assisting them in improving their services through

   program evaluation
   advocacy training and
   management consulting.

Dr. Hoefer has authored more than 30 published journal articles and 6 books and has given scores of presentations in the fields of nonprofit management, advocacy, program evaluation and policy practice.

Dr. Richard Hoefer is the Roy E. Dulak Professor in Community Practice Research at the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington. He directs the Center for Advocacy, Nonprofit and Donor Organizations (CAN-DO).

Contact him through to arrange a private conversation about how he can assist your nonprofit achieve excellence.