What’s the #1 Biggest Timewaster for Learning to Write Grants?

How to go straight to the winning column instead!

What is the #1 Time Waster for Learning to Write Grants?

What is the #1 Time Waster for Learning to Write Grants?

The first and second times I wrote a grant were hard (see my #1 best-selling on Amazon book Funded! Successful Grantwriting for Your Nonprofit for the full story).  Plus they were unsuccessful, so it wasted my time and the tie of the people who reviewed them.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but since I was a brand-new intern, as well as a neophyte grantwriter, it shouldn’t be too surprising. But those three words haunt me to this day, and led me to want to assist aspiring grantwriters in the future, if I ever got good at the task.

The three words I’m referring to are…

Trial and Error.

Some things are good for trial and error.  Learning to walk, for example.  Learning to write a bicycle, or skateboard.  It’s an ok approach with magic tricks (except the one with sawing the person in half—that’s not so good for trial and error!).

But grantwriting?

Not so much.

Writing grants is much more of a high wire, no-net sort of activity.  If the funds don’t come in, programs can be cut, jobs lost, and clients left without services.  So, if the bet you can do to learn is trial and error, you’re endangering a lot of important elements of a nonprofit.

Can you learn a lot by trial and error?  Of course!  But it is a slow and inefficient approach to learning.

What can you do instead?

I’ve got a solution to the problem of losing a lot of grant proposals by depending on trial and error.

It’s called the Funded! Successful Grantwriting for Your Nonprofit online grantwriting course.  It’s based on my #1 book of the same name, and is the exact same material that students in my graduate level grantwriting course get.

This is not some one or two day workshop—leaving you on your own to continue the time and money-wasting “trial and error” mistake.  This is the same as a three hour graduate course that leads you from never having written a grant to being able to submit it successfully.

Stop wasting time—get Funded! By checking out the material here.

Stop wasting time!  Go get Funded!