Do You Ever Want Federal Government Funding?


Do you ever write grants for Federal government funding?  If so, you’ll want to read on!

The Obama Administration just recently released its strategy to combat drug abuse.  It emphasizes public health approaches to solving the problem.  (You can read this strategy at )

If you don’t write grants or need money for drug abuse treatment you may be tempted to ignore this strategy paper, and with good reason.  But there’s a larger point that I hope you’ll take advantage of if you want to be a strong contender for any Federal grants.

Every Federal government agency that I am aware of has documents laying out its strategy and preferred ways of tackling the problems within its area of grant funding.  If you want to be on the “inside track” of writing a competitive federal grant, it helps to know what the current strategy is and put your grant proposal ideas within that framework.

Obviously you have to follow the exact details in the Request for Proposal but it is also important to see what the larger approach is. As a grantwriter or agency director you can see where future funding requests are likely to head if you take the time to research what strategies are currently supported.

This is part of the approach to grantwriting that I teach as I work with students and current professionals. I call it learning how to “think like a funder”.  If you’d like more ideas like this, be sure to read my blog at

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