Getting Lucky as a Grantwriter (One More Way)

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If you grew up in the Kansas City area (as I did) you learned early on about the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails which started on the Missouri side in an area called “Westport”.

I loved reading about the adventurous people who left behind almost everything to risk their lives to make a better life for themselves.  It was tough (as the kid’s game “Oregon Trail” made clear) and success was far from certain.

These pioneers needed a bit of luck to make it to their intended destinations.  Luck that the weather wouldn’t be too bad; luck that they wouldn’t be attacked while on the open plains; luck that the snow wouldn’t be too deep in the Rockies.

One way that the travelers tried to push the balance of luck in their favor was to hire a seasoned guide–someone who knew the trail, who had ridden it many times before, and who had helped others get to the end of the trail successfully.

The trail boss was invaluable and worth a fair fee.

Could people get to Santa Fe, or Oregon without a guide?  Sure–but the odds were better going with others and with an experienced mentor.  Makes sense, doesn’t it, to work with someone who knows the process of getting from point A to point B?

How does this apply to grantwriters and luck?  Here’s where I see the parallel:  new grantwriters or people who want to become grantwriters can learn on their own, but it is going to be a lot faster process if they have a guide.

As you can tell if you’ve been reading these posts, I love grantwriting.  I love doing it and I love teaching about it.

I love working with students who have little or no knowledge about grantwriting.

And I love it the most hearing from former students who have received their first successful grant award.

If you’re interested in starting a new career as a grantwriter, and would like to learn how to do this with an experienced guide at your side, contact me at

I’m looking for just a few people who want to learn from the ground up.

Or maybe you’re already experienced but feel that you could improve.  I’d like to help you take your grantwriting to the next level.

Just yet I don’t have a program lined up, but it is very close.  Go to

to get on the list to find out when this unique opportunity to work with me as your mentor begins!

I can only accept a small number of mentees at any one time.  Contact me if you’re interested to see if there are any openings now.

Thanks, and see you on the trail, looking for excellence for nonprofits!


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