How Can A Big Grant Be “Game-Changer”?

Despite the fact that government funding


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“Despite the fact that government funding has been hit hard, federal grants are still available and can be ‘game changers’ for nonprofits and their clients.” What do I mean by “game changers”? Well, it’s a matter of money. If you can get a million dollars or more over the course of three or five years, you are going to be affecting your organization immensely. And, really, what’s more important than that is the fact that you’re going to be affecting clients.

If you have a grant for 1 million dollars, over four years, that is $250,000 a year. I know organizations that have gotten grants of that size and they’re able to use innovative, evidence-based practices to change the lives of dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of clients over the course of that four year period. It’s astounding!

So, if you think about, you take someone who is an addicted homeless person and you get them off the streets and you get them clean and sober, what impact does that have on their lives? That’s a game changer. And if you multiply that by 50 or 60 people, think about the impact that has. THAT’S a game changer, not only for the individuals but also for the organization. They’re able to ramp up everything that they’re doing. They’re able to collect data and with that data they are able to go on to other organizations, foundations, and the public and say “Look, we have done an excellent job. We change people’s lives. Help us be the game changer that we’ve become.”

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Richard Hoefer
Excellence for Nonprofits

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