Star Wars and Grantwriting: “Perhaps I can find new ways of motivating them.”

What Star Wars Can Teach Grantwriters

Darth Vader Motivation

“I assure you Lord Vader, my men are working as fast as they can.” Imperial commander
“Perhaps I can find new ways of motivating them.” Darth Vader

Motivating people is tough.

When you’re working in a team to get a grant proposal out the door, and you’re in charge, it can be incredibly frustrating to fall behind schedule. You’ll be tempted to put the pressure on, any way you can, because you know the importance of the funding that you’re going after.

In addition, there’s always the pressure that you, the grantwriter, feel to do it all yourself. In essence, you become your own Darth Vader to find a new way to “motivate” yourself. When you’re running at full speed, it becomes quite difficult to do even more.

Even people who were once well-motivated by idealism and desire to serve, may become burned out.

Taking into account that we live in a changing world, we need to look at motivating ourselves and others in a way to get superior proposals out the door. One way to do this is to take a step back and figure out a way to re-invigorate ourselves with new information and approaches to grantwriting.

We all know that returning to basics can help even highly skilled people, whether they are actors, athletes, or grantwriters. We also know that learning new things can be self-motivating.
When was the last time you turned to the tool of learning as a motivator?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to learn about grantwriting from the comfort of your office or home, using online technology (and maybe the phone) to take your skills from where they are now to being able to write stronger grants consistently?

Welcome to “Funded! Writing Successful Grants for Your Nonprofit” an internet based course that leads you from finding appropriate funders to submitting a top-notch proposal.

If you want to increase your knowledge of all things grantwriting; if you want to be more likely to experience the thrill of bringing funds in to support your cause; if you want to KNOW that your proposals are fully capable of scoring well against the toughest competition, then you owe it to yourself to learn more.

Created by Dr. Richard Hoefer, a professor with over 30 years of successful grantwriting experience, you’ll learn the skills that few grantwriters know.
Students praise Dr. Hoefer for his teaching skills and the materials he has created.

This course is coming soon to a galaxy near you–be on the alert for more information coming your way. Soon you’ll be able to click to find out more—exactly what you’ll learn (it’s a LOT), the benefits this training can bring you and your organization, and the affordable price that can be repaid multiple times over with your first successful grant!

This is bound to motivate you to write seriously competitive grant proposals!

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