What’s “so great” about being a grantwriter?


A friend challenged me to come up with a one sentence answer to “What’s so great about being a grantwriter?” and making a “poster” out of it.  Here’s my answer.

“Being a grantwriter can bring great satisfaction as you help an agency achieve its goals by ensuring it is adequately funded.”  Richard Hoefer, Ph.D.

How do you respond?

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3 thoughts on “What’s “so great” about being a grantwriter?

  1. Grant writers have a unique opportunity to tell the non-profit’s story to an audience who would not otherwise know of the difference the organization is making in their community. Even when the request is not funded, the grant writer has educated a new group of community leaders on the mission of the organization.

  2. Being a grant-writer is great because I get to learn different ways of writing persuasively based on need and the funder. (I guess you have to love writing to feel this way…)