What’s the Grantwriter’s Job–Really?

Your job is to tell a story


I’ve been thinking recently about the “real” job of a grantwriter.

This helps me remember the big picture, particuularly when the little picture (printer out of ink, people won’t return phone calls, the internet is down, and so on)  seems out of focus or downright frustrating.

Most people have read the story or heard the tale about the travelor asking three workers what they were doing as they were on a construction site but let me add my own twist here.

The first worker said “I’m welding, can’t you see?”

The second said “I’m busting my tail off to feed my family!”

The third said “I’m helpinig build a fantastic building that will thrill onlookers for generations!”

What kind of grantwriter (or any  other type of job worker) are you?

Are you a grantwriter who is “putting one word after the next on paper”?

Are you a grantwriter who is “raising money to keep staff and the agency going financially”?

Are you a grantwriter who is “helping save the world, one client or one program at a time”?

Maybe on some days, you’re the third, but on others, you’re the first.    Which do you prefer and how can you be “that one” more often than you are now?

What’s YOUR reason for being a grantwriter?  Share y0ur thoughts and pass on the question to others.

I’d love to hear your ideas!



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One thought on “What’s the Grantwriter’s Job–Really?

  1. I have to add another part to your question. Since I was a child, I’ve always noticed things. Poverty, racism, cheaters, and anything I could point out to my mother and father that i thought was not fair. It’s what my grandmother called me the balancer. Lol like the equalizer. I’m restless if I’m not trying to help better a situation I’m sure i can help. Hey, I started a snack program in the 6th grade because I noticed that some children didn’t have snacks during break times in school. I always had a snack and it just didn’t seem right that some children may not have the food at home to have lunch and money during our break to buy a snack. I went to my teacher and explained what I saw and told her that some kids seemed sad at break time because they didn’t have a snack. She asked me to write a letter asking the patents, that if they could put an extra pudding, jello, or graham crackers in a bag all the kids would be able to have snacks. It worked very well, the patents that couldn’t were never pointed out, and the snacks were passed out by the teacher. It’s the am I my brothers keeper. Yes, I am. I can’t help it really. I’ve always wondered why some children in this country go to bed hungry, and how I could help fix that forever.